Ch. Dav-Ka's Brave Heart

Bill is our kind, gentle and somewhat goofy Max x K-Bear son.
He was bred by Dave and Kathy Caslin at Dav-Ka GSMD.
Bill finished his Championship at 18 months in 7 shows.
His puppies have his sweet, gentle temperament.

Ch. Dav-Ka's Brave Heart

Ch. Suddanly Superior
(OFA Good, elbows normal)

Ch. Sudbach's Guiness X-tra Stout ROM (OFA Good, Elbows normal)

GSMD Ch. Sennehof's Mark WWD ROM (OFA excellent)

ARBA Ch.Saalbach's Ashenda v Pilch TDI ROM

Suddanly's Adelweiss (OFA Good, elbows normal)

ARBA Ch. SeaVaRidge's Echo Zachary (OFA Good)

GSMD Ch. Shadetree's Catrina

Ch. Shadetree's K-Bear ROM
(OFA Good, elbows normal )

A/Su Ch Lagross Shimmy Shake CD TDI ROM (OFA Fair, elbows, shoulders normal)

Grosserhof's Magic Marco

Nord/Su Ch. Lagross Krakel Spektakel LP

ARBA Ch. SeaVaRidge Delilah Shadetree ROM (OFA Good, elbows normal)

ARBA Ch. Shadetree's Argus (OFA Good)

ARBA Ch. SeaVaRidge Cloud Nine (OFA Good)