Ch. Shadetree's Vonnage

(OFA excellent, normal elbows, shoulders and eyes, CHIC) Isabelle is linebred on our handsome Eddie. In two weekends of showing she has 7 pts including a 5 point major. She is a wonderful mother and her puppies are growing up to be as sweet as she is.


Ch Swiss Acres Haywood at RWF (OFA Good, normal elbows)

Ch. CornerCreek Shadetree's Bach CD DD ROM

Ch. Sudbach's Guiness Xtra Stout ROM

Ch. Shadetree's Ebony Comet

Shadetree-Swiss Acres Pantera

Ch. Shadetree-Stonycreek's Hulk ROM

Ch. Polyanna's Karmatym ROM


Dogwood-Shadetree's Keepsake (OFA Good hips, normal elbows and eyes) CHIC

Ch. Dav-Ka's Brave Heart

Ch. Suddanly Superior DK

Ch. Shadetree's K-Bear ROM

Dogwood's Southern Isabelle

Ch. CornerCreek Shadetree's Bach CD DD ROM

Dogwood's Touch of Class