Ch. Suma Shadetree's Serenghetti


Ch. Suma Shadetree's Serenghetti

Ch Willow Whsppalms Smarty Jones (OFA Good, normal elbows,shoulders,eyes) CHIC

Ch. Painted Mtn Secretariat ROM

Ch. Snowy Mtn Beauregard Zuger ROM

Ch. Lone Star Zippy Ai Ay ROM

Ch. Sudnly Whsppalms Summerstorm ROM

Ch. Badjo v Grosserhof ROM

Von Thall's Sudnly Bewitched


Ch. Suma Shadetree Your Fired! (Good hips, normal elbow

Ch. Red Fern's Bonanza of Derby

Ch. Derby's Ivan the Hoss

Ch. Derby's Jolee v Thrall

Ch. Swiss Acres-Shadetree Grace TT

Ch. Lagross Shimmy Shake CD TDI ROM

Ch. Shadetree-Swiss Acres Amazin Grace

Ivanka is our beautiful Jonesy x Ivana daughter. She finished her Championship easily with a Best of Winners win at the Cotton Classic for a 5 point major plus two more majors. She has her mothers beautiful body and excellent movement.